WWDC 2017


Lasciando le sbrodolate su iMac e iPad Pro ai siti specializzati mi focalizzo sulle tre novità che più cambieranno la mia user-experience nel walled-garden di Apple, portandomi ad abbandonare Dropbox a brevissimo, iniziare ad integrare nel mio palinsesto domestico anche Amazon Video Prime e a confermare che gli AirPods sono il migliore acquisto tecnologico che abbia mai fatto.

“Additionally, with macOS 10.13 High Sierra and iOS 11, accounts using Family Sharing can also share iCloud storage. At present, family members cannot share one pool of data”  – AppleInsider

“It is not clear if the app will be integrated into Apple’s TV app on tvOS. However, given that Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the app was coming to the Apple TV right after discussing the additions to the app, it seems likely that it will” – AppleInsider

“Before iOS 11, users were simply stuck between decided whether the double-tap activated Siri, or Play/Paused audio. On iOS 11, Apple has given more control to the AirPods with the introduction of Next Track, Previous Track, and Off options. Apple has taken the new functionality one step further by allowing individual double-tap actions on each AirPods earpiece” – 9to5Mac

Dell’HomePod ve ne parlerò appena arriva a casa…


WWDC 2017

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